Thursday, February 16, 2017

Elon Musk, idiot at large

Since the industrial revolution began "robots", automated machines, have been doing work that people used to do.

At one time people wove cloth on simple looms. As looms became more complicated and more automated fewer people were needed to weave the same amount of cloth.

At one time paper was hand made. It was incredibly expensive and labor intensive. Today machines make paper and we literally sh*t on it, of course, far fewer people are employed per any amount of paper.

Think about how many galley slaves lost their rowing jobs...

Now, I could write reams about the jobs lost to automation. From weavers to bullard operators. Truthfully, no one would care.

But, Elon Musk starts running his mouth about jobs being lost to robots and suddenly people are freaking out. Yes, people are going to lose jobs to automated machinery, "robots", just like they have been for hundreds, even thousands of years. That is never going to change. Unemployment will grow, and fall.

Truthfully, over population is a far greater danger than automated production systems.  Elon Musk isn't really an idiot, but, he has failed to understand the history of economics and manufacturing and that is pretty idiotic.

And, yes, people are going to become "cyborgs".  I have a "machine" inside of me already, a heart stent.  Medicine is going to use nanobots and people will have communication devices medically implanted in the future, just like they do today with cochlear implants.

Change is inevitable and hanging on to the past always fails.

We need to reduce the global population, especially in places where there isn't enough arable land to support the local population.  We really need a planet with less than 2 billion, preferably around 500,000,000, yes, 500 million.  That is a heck of a population reduction, but, it is better than us burying ourselves in our own garbage.

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