Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Give Wall Street a Payday Act, also called "affordable care act"

Back on January 2nd, 2009 I decided to create a portfolio on Google Finance using publicly traded "health insurance" stocks.

For those of you who don't know, there are essentially four kinds of health insurance companies and none of them insure health.  They all insure that health care workers are paid, not necessarily that people who by "health care" insurance will be healthy or even have access to affordable health care.  I'm on Social Security Disability for a heart condition and I can't afford health care.  My prescription prices have gone up to where I can't afford them, even with the insurance I am forced to pay for.  That's not really off subject.

The affordable care act did not make health care more affordable, it made health care less affordable and I am a practical example of that.  Digoxin, a really old medicine made from the Foxglove plant (when I say really old, I mean people were using this a thousand years ago) went from $10 for a 90 day supply to $90 for a 90 day supply.  Once I pay a $250 deductible I have to pay a co-pay that is more than $10, so, pretty fucked.  Where I once paid $40 for Digoxin I now pay about $130 a year.

So what happened on Wall Street?

In case you are wondering, this represents a %17 annualized return.

Yeah, that beats the street.

I wish I had had the $32K to invest back in 2009.  If you are wondering if I am cheating, feel free to check the January 2nd 2009 stock prices and create your own fake portfolio.  Here is a screen grab to show the historical price for Aetna, AET

I used this website for the annualized return formula.

I used this website to calculate the days between today and January 2nd

I used this website to calculate the return on the DJIA, %13.5

The "Affordable Care Act" was just a way for Obama and other politicians to screw the American Public and pay off Wall Street.

Health Care insurance doesn't insure health care.  It insures that health care providers are paid for services, regardless whether they perform them or not and regardless of whether those services improve the health of those the services are provided to.

Obama care should be called the "make sure Wall Street and corporate Health Care providers are paid off act".

Back to the four types of Health Care providers.

The first is non-profit.

The second is private for profit.

The third is privately owned by a private or public for profit conglomerate.(public means stock shares are publicly traded, not that the government owns the conglomerate)

The fourth is a for profit publicly owned, meaning stock shares are publicly traded.

As far as I'm concerned all Health Care services should be non-profit and this includes insurance.

Society has become dependent on water, communication, electricity, heating energy, groceries and health care.  All of these should be exclusively non-profit organizations.

Corporations should not be able to profit from those things which people depend on to survive.

Aside from my personal views, which some people would say are "left wing" because their intellects are so small they only see in binary dichotomies, I suggest investing in health care.

I should have predicted the pharmaceutical issues, but, I missed that.  I focused on insurance providers.

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