Monday, July 04, 2016

biogas digesters in poverty level communities

I like biogas digesters.  They offer an incredible tool to eliminate diseases caused by contact with waste products while generating a natural gas which can be used for cooking and heating as well as a high quality organic fertilizer.

Sociological studies show that people living in poverty tend to be predominantly Kinesthetic learners.  This makes sense because our success depends a lot on how well we get along with other people, which depends on our learning and communication style.

Biogas digesters are not "set and forget" systems.  They require discipline and constant maintenance.  Digestible waste products must be added every day.  Using a biogas digester requires a commitment to shovelingfresh shit on a daily basis.

Biogas digesters often fail, primarily because of improper use and maintenance.  I would really like to find a teacher with expertise in kinesthetic education who can develop a training program for using and maintaining a biogas digester system.

Generally, documentation on these kinds of projects is absent.  That represents a challenge.

To address the problems with improper use and maintenance would take several steps.   The first is documenting failed biogas projects.  The second is documenting the type of digester used and the proper use and maintenance of the digester.  The third is developing a kinesthetic program to educate operators in the proper use and maintenance of the systems.  Fourth is to actually teach.  Fifth is to constantly review and improve the education system.

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