Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hackers, Sony and North Korea

I don't think North Korea had anything to do with the hack on Sony.  But so what.  Now that the President has identified North Korea as the source, The U.S. President being the leader of the Enforcement Branch of government and therefore the "top cop" and responsible for all federal law enforcement agencies (except of course when he pretends he isn't), we should just destroy North Korea.

I mean destroy.  I would literally level the crappy little rice paddy republic.  Scorched earth policy.  If China complains ask them if they want a nuclear war.  China will try and negotiate because China does not want a nuclear war.  The Chinese are all about "face saving" and that means having a world in which face can be saved.

Yeah, I'm not feeling very well today.  I have a cold and a "nuke em all" attitude.

Obama isn't going to do anything.  China kicked our assess in Vietnam and will kick our ass again if we go into North Korea.  The United States doesn't have the balls to deal with a long term war and China does.

I still think the attack on Sony was done specifically for financial reasons, manipulation of stock prices, and I believe the operation failed.

Still, this hack could have some serious unintended consequences.  Obama won't do anything, but, this mess is going to percolate over the next few years and when a new President comes in, circa 2017, that president might feel that they must act against North Korea.

By 2017 the U.S. government won't be able to keep interest rates and the deficit low by purchasing bonds.  Social Security will be spending more than they take in and the IOUs the government wrote itself will be due.  That will really screw up the budget. Might be the time for a war.

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