Sunday, December 21, 2014

Annonymous censoring free speech once again

This one is ridiculous.  I read this story from my facebook newsfeed.  It sounds pretty ridiculous and I hope it isn't true.  I'll write as if it is though....

Some screwy pop star made some comments about protesters, I guess, and anonymous decides they have to censor the popstar because......they hate the concept of free speech?

When will people understand that free speech means people are going to say things that someone disagrees with?

No one agrees with anyone about everything they believe.  No one disagrees with anyone about everything they believe.

Hate groups like anonymous, and they have now become a hate group as far as I am concerned, who go around damaging people who disagree with their political or social views are no better than Sadam Hussein, Adolph Hitler, Edgar J. Hoover, or Joseph Stalin, who destroyed their political competition.

The desire to do something can be overwhelming and leads many people down the wrong path.  Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi took a route of passive resistance, as have others.  Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't.

Oppose Wall Street didn't do any good, in fact, during the Oppose Wall Street protests the Obama administration pushed through "The Affordable Health Care Plan" which forces U.S. citizens to purchase health care insurance from Wall Street financial services corporations.  Back in June of 2012 I created a fake portfolio on Google financial.  I "bought" 100 shares of stock in ten different Wall Street financial services corporations that specialized in selling health insurance.

Name Symbol Last price Change Shares Cost basis Mkt value Gain Gain % Day's gain Overall Return
Aetna Inc AET 90.84 0.71 100 2951 9084 6133 207.83 71 207.83
AFLAC Incorporated AFL 61.18 0.86 100 4238 6118 1880 44.36 86 44.36
Assurant, Inc. AIZ 68.65 0.94 100 3034 6865 3831 126.27 94 126.27
American National Insurance Company ANAT 115 -0.12 100 7440 11500 4060 54.57 -12 54.57
CIGNA Corporation CI 104.53 -0.05 100 1789 10453 8664 484.29 -5 484.29
Humana Inc HUM 146.47 -2.6 100 3737 14647 10910 291.95 -260 291.95
Principal Financial Group Inc PFG 52.71 0.45 100 2370 5271 2901 122.41 45 122.41
Security National Financial Corp SNFCA 5.94 1.1 134.01 153 796.02 643.02 420.27 147.41 420.27
UnitedHealth Group Inc. UNH 102.49 0.25 100 2769 10249 7480 270.13 25 270.13
Anthem Inc ANTM 127.95 0.24 100 4395 12795 8400 191.13 24 191.13


Look at those overall return rates!  Obama set his buddies on Wall Street up in style.

As I wrote in my last couple of blogs, Sony is still closer to its 52 week high than its 52 week low after the Sony hack.

Anonymous thinks trashing some stupid pop star, or me, or someone else who disagrees with their politics is going to change the world.  Not a chance.  Wall Street is still making money hand over fist, governments are still tossing journalists like Barrett Brown in prison, nothing real is changing.

Wall Street and governments are multi-headed hydras,  Destroy a bureaucrat and two more take its place.  Destroy a Wall Street bank and two more take its place.

The problem is systemic and all anonymous does is attack specific individuals.  Assange does more by making the systemic issues more transparent, but, most people haven't a clue what to do.  How can the hydra be destroyed?

The truth is, the hydra is the people.  Billions of individuals.  To change the way the world works people have to decide they are unhappy with what is going on and demand changes.  Like the Hippies of the 1960's did?  Yeah, Vietnam turned into drones, Guantanamo Bay and HVT programs combining military intelligence and the CIA.  Hover would be proud.

When Kennedy was killed in 1963, that specific act probably changed history.  Kennedy was against investing in another Korean War and probably would not have escalated in Vietnam the way Johnson did.  In addition, Kennedy probably would have been able to win the 1964 elections without signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.... Would he have?

Truthfully, there are very few instances in which the destruction of a single person, regardless of who that person is, will make a difference.

Wikileaks had a real influence, minimal as it was, is probably still influencing news and politics, but, like the 1960s radicals, that influence is temporary and just encourages a change in the way the game is played.  I admire Assange because he stood up for what he believed in.  He has been persecuted and will continue to be both revered and persecuted because he stood up.

People say, "information is power".  Baloney (sic).  Perception is power.  If people perceive that an individual or a group has power, that person or group has power.

People are primates, and just as primates break down into a dominance hierarchy people will always break down into dominance hierarchies.  Anonymous will never have any real power because they are anonymous.  Imagine a Gorilla in a forest being challenged as leader by a ghost.  What would happen?  Would the ghost become a leader?  Of course not, the leader may be perceived of as vulnerable and another dominant Gorilla could challenge that leader, but, regardless, the social dominance hierarchy would remain.  Period.

Assange has some power, although he has been effectively minimized by accusations, just as Cosby was and just as other individuals have been.  All anonymous can really do is "virtual assassination", making a leader vulnerable to another leader.

So what?

There are a million more Cosby's, or pop stars, or politicians, and the biological urge in humans to develop social dominance hierarchies remains.  If the world was destroyed over the next six months by a plague of super rabies, I can guarantee two things will still be around.  The biological urge for humans to have sex and the biological urge to develop dominance hierarchies.

And the people choose the leaders they want.  Even Stalin was allowed to lead by the people, as brutal as he was.  Johnson was encouraged, even, to escalate in Vietnam by people. 

If anonymous has their way, and they manage to stomp out free speech by destroying everyone who disagrees with anything they believe, another group just like them who behave the same way they do will go after whoever.

Anonymous isn't going to succeed in eliminating free speech any more than the 1960's radicals succeeded in keeping the United States out of republic creating wars with minor nations.  Sure, some minor changes will occur, but, the systemic nature of the biological urge to develop social dominance hierarchies will remain and the "rebels" will be assimilated, absorbed into society.

In the end, the leaders have to take people where the people want to go, or the people will rebel.  Anonymous could virtually assassinate every leader they disagree with and have Julian Assange elected to the U.S. presidency and things still wouldn't change.

For change to occur, the people have to change.  Neither Assange or anonymous is doing anything that will encourage change in the people.

In the movie"Inception" Leonardo DeCaprio's character makes a statement, "Positive emotion trumps negative emotion".  All anonymous and Assange are doing is pushing negative emotion.  "Don't!"  There is no leadership there, no direction to go in, no democracy, no civil rights.

Only totalitarianism can exist in a "Don't" society.

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