Monday, November 10, 2014

More stupidity on Christ's "marriage"

Someone is publishing a new book about Christ being married.

Okay, before people freak out, this book that is being published, which I am not going to name, was written based on the writings of a guy who lived 400 years after Christ. The originals were written in Greek and lost, so the writings being reviewed are a Syrian translation of Greek.

Now for the "fun" stuff. This is probably a retelling of the legend of Christ's marriage and children. The legend tells us that Christ married at about 18, to a woman who was younger and they had a couple kids. The wife and kids were killed by Roman soldiers. Christ took off for the desert, or voyaging with his uncle (a metals merchant) and started his ministry a few years later.

This marriage legend was around long before Dan Brown came up with his Mary Magdalene story.  Theologians were discussing it for hundreds of years. Dan Brown just figured out a way to make money by making it more controversial. There are no writings which survived from the time period which confirm this account. None.

The name in the Syrian scrolls translates into Joseph, maybe. Anyone who has read the New Testament knows the words Elias to be the name used in the New Testament for Elijah. And everyone who has studied also know there is no J sound in Hebrew so Christ's name wasn't Jesus, it was according to most scholars Yahushua. In Islam Christ's name is Issa. I've read other names, Yoshiyahu, etc.

So, we know names are hard to translate effectively. Yoshiyahu translates, roughly, to Josiah or if it is passed around the "post office" it could be Joseph.

My point is, the paper could be about a Jesus, but, even if it is, big if, that doesn't mean it is about Christ because Christ was not the only person named whatever he was named.

This author is taking huge leaps to sell books to people who don't know any better.

That does not mean it isn't worth reading.  I haven't read it yet.  Just because a book uses sensationalism does not mean it sucks.  It just means the sensationalism is laughable. 

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