Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hollywood hypocrisy

I just saw part of an old episode of Law and Order on TNT.  The episode was called "Blue Bamboo".  An attorney asked Jack McCoy if suspects should be transported across borders and tortured.  McCoy responded "Works for me."  This was first aired in 1994, the year after the first Trade Center Bombing.

This episode reminded me of a couple of other Law and Order episodes like "Memos from the Dark Side" where McCoy prosecutes a man for conspiring to torture people.

Hollywood propagandizes whatever they feel like.  Before 9-11 they propagandized torture as acceptable and after 9-11 they propagandized torture as unacceptable.

Truthfully I just find crap like this laughable, unfortunately a lot of people actually base opinions on fiction like Law and Order since there is truth mixed in with the fiction.  This is the way propaganda works.  Tell people something they believe is true and combine it with a fiction they don't know about.  Eventually people believe the fiction is truth.

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