Saturday, September 21, 2013

Destroying the world, Obama style

The Obama admin has stepped in it now and I don't think there is any way out of it for either Obama or the United States.  Watching how everything unfolds over the next few years is going to be a blast.

I expect that, as usual, rather than admit how badly things have been screwed the United States will pretend things are actually going well and getting better.  How long that fantasy takes to crumble will be interesting.

I am not going into great detail because the perfect storm of economic and political stupidity that has gone so far as to be unstoppable would take too much time to explain. In a nutshell the elimination of disposable income and reduction in middle and lower income modality health care spending in the United States will cause a disintegration of the economy and the foreign policy credibility of the United States.

Free markets work well. Things like greed, those who create monopolies or artificially inflate prices destroy the free markets, and things like trade restrictions, like Obamacare, destroy the free markets, create the conditions for an economic disaster.

We saw the housing bubble create an economic storm. People blamed banks, and they were partially responsible. In reality it was more the real estate agents, mortgage brokers and housing appraisers at the bottom who lacked any kind of oversight and created the conditions which caused the disaster.

Free markets are markets which are not influenced. When people deliberately influence markets the markets are no longer free. Buyers of homes and mortgages depend on appraisals to determine values. If the appraisals can be influenced the market is no longer free, it is influenced.

When we step back and apply that understanding to the entire economy we begin to realize that free markets are gone. Over controlling or influencing of the economy is creating the conditions necessary to destroy the economy. Lots of people have been saying this for a very long time and for the most part I have disagreed. I'm afraid Obamacare and the manipulation of deficit/debt spending by the Obama admin have created conditions we cannot recover from.

That is not the real issue, long term sustainability is the issue. Economies come and go. Rome rises and falls. The British Empire rises and falls. Economic failure can and will be survived. The failure of the U.S economy will not be the disaster everyone is afraid of.

The real issue is that the world can't support more than about four billion people in any sustainable way.

That means the first step in a sustainable economy has to be a reduction in population. The Chinese recognized this and attempted to slow population growth. In my opinion they failed even though population growth was actually reduced. It wasn't enough and no one else in the world supported that policy. What happens as the rest of the people in the world realize that the only feasible solution is population reduction?

Let us speculate freely.......

Everyone has heard the conspiracy theories about how the CIA developed HIV and Ebola in Africa as methods to reduce the population. I doubt that happened, I think it ludicrous to believe such a thing. But what about the future?

Could the economic storm of the future create enough concern that a government or even non-government entity could release a virus that has a huge mortality rate?

I doubt it. Politicians tend to be control freaks and such a virus would be uncontrollable. As stupid as politicians believe people are I doubt if a virus with a 50% or better mortality rate which didn't kill at least 50% of the political leadership could be ignored by even liberal democrats much less the people of other nations. In fact, even if a plague occurred naturally the rumors of the CIA starting it would be so strong that other, nuclear weapon armed, nations would be unable to ignore them no matter how stupid the rumors are. In my opinion a global plague will result in nuclear attacks on the United States.

Will those who created the conditions for the coming economic disaster actually think logically?  Will politicians who can misdirect responsibility to someone else take control?

Suppose those in power somewhere decide that the only way to save the world is to create the conditions for a sustainable economy by reducing the population through the use of a plague. Suppose someone, China, Russia, whoever, decides that the only solution to the global sustainability crisis is to release a virus that becomes nearly random. Everyone blames the States. The North American coasts are nuked, mostly the East Coast, since the world needs the agricultural lands of the Midwest and wind patterns from nuking the west coast would destroy the Midwest.

Why do I think such a thing possible? Because politicians are control freaks and when things are totally out of control the last thing a control freak has is the ability to choose the time and place of their own demise.

Now that we have mostly eliminated the moronic politicians in the States from doing something this crazy who would? China, Russia, ????.

So where in the world would our protagonist start such a virus? Probably around Washington D.C. in the Maryland area. "An accidental release from a secret laboratory." A small nuclear explosion near Washington D.C. soon after the release of such a virus could be propagandized as a U.S. attempt at stopping a plague. With U.S. credibility destroyed any attempt to blame anyone else for either the plague or the bombing would result in even more international hatred directed toward the States.

The development of an anti-viral by either Russia or China or some branch of the W.H.O. would not be a surprise and neither would the inoculation of people in other nations coming first, before those who “started” the plague.  Politicians in other nations would be first on the inoculation list.

Scary fricking scenario.  Pretty insane.  I think I will just write a short science fiction story using that plot.  A story without a happy ending.

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