Saturday, June 15, 2013

The 80-20 rule

The Pareto Principle tells us that just about everything can be split along an 80-20 ratio.

Specifically 80% of events are caused by 20% of the causes, or as Pareto originally noted, 80% of stuff is owned by 20% of the people.

The world is going into a period of history where we are going to starve to death.  You've probably read about peak oil and the way we are using non-renewable resources at an ever increasing pace.  High oil prices are an attempt to reduce consumption to put this period of starvation off.

When will it happen?  I'll get to that, but, my predictions are only as good as the data I accumulate.

So, knowing this, what are the 20% doing?  In my opinion they are trying to build a global hierarchy where they are able to continue to live lavish lifestyles while the other 80% starve and die.

Personally, I think Obama Care is going to help this along by reducing the ability of the average person to afford health care.  Long story, but, essentially Obama Care is going to end up making health care an individual responsibility.

To accomplish this global "new world order" or hierarchy the first thing that has to happen is a reduction in the standard of living in developing countries.  Not an equalization because this would require that the majority of leaders and powerful business owners in the world help lift the populations of their nations to the standard of living enjoyed by the United States.

Instead the standard of living in the United States and other 1st world nations must be reduced and the 80% need to understand that they are not entitled to a good standard of living no matter how hard they work.  The standard of living must be determined by the 20%.

Is this some global conspiracy?  Not exactly, its just a lot of people working toward a similar goal driven by similar motivations.  Is a marathon a conspiracy?

The world can support about 4-6 billion people.

What is the time frame?  I put together a basic analysis and my curves crossed around 2070.  Don't put a lot of faith in that since I don't know everything.  I'd give it a plus or minus twenty years minimum.

I don't see a "hard" world government, more like a "soft" or "loose" co-operative group of powerful people in constant flux like all powerful groups.  A few powerful people at the very top and probably one person probably slightly more powerful than the others.

By not creating a single world government the 20% can maintain a "government" by group rather than submitting to a single leader.

Right now the 20% making up global leadership and power are already working together, have been since sometime after WW2.  This isn't new, it just has to change global politics and economics enough to secure their positions in a world that can not support its population.

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