Friday, June 14, 2013

Moronic script kiddies

Script kiddie morons are the biggest problem in hacking today.

I used to have a pretty open FTP server, still do although now it is so hidden no one can find it.  Nothing special, least amount of security I could get away with.  There are guys who run similar servers using Live distros so moronic script kiddies can't trash the system.  I tried that, the system rebooted itself every few hours and that worked okay.  Eventually I went with a different system that I am obviously not going to discuss here.

One guy I know actually hard wired a small, hidden, computer into a hotels network.  The system runs on a live distro, read only disk.   Very cool system, he has access to it, and the network.

Sometimes I run a bit torrent server, not often anymore.  Script kiddies kept hacking the system using the security holes in bit torrent.  That usually wouldn't bother me since I didn't keep any files, except legal bit torrent files, on that system, but, they kept trashing the system.  I didn't feel like installing a second DVD drive on the system to run a read only system.  I wiped that system and use it very rarely these days.

I don't have any data worth stealing on any computer.  The only reason to hack my system is so someone can gain experience in hacking.  The problem is losers who gain access to a system and then trash it for fun, like kids breaking into a house and smashing everything.

So what?

The problem is that people become really annoyed when someone breaks into their home and trashes stuff.  That means the law enforcement community has to do something to catch these guys.  In the process computer security becomes better and better.

Why is that a problem?

Because people have to learn.  Sure, a lot of us build our own home networks, wooden boxes with stacked motherboards and power supplies.  Then we practice various techniques in metwork management and security.  Facebook stole that idea and improved it to create the Open Compute which is very cool.

The problem is our networks are only as good as we are and when we start off we really are not that good.  Once we get the basics down we learn more by doing basic stuff on web networks, web servers and web workstations.

As security becomes better there are fewer openings for hackers to learn without getting caught.

Eventually there will be a crossing of script kiddie idiocy and law enforcement capability and when that happens more morons will be arrested and fewer people will learn to hack.  Skilled hackers will become more cautious of working with young hackers because they don't want to get busted.

That sounds good, Darwinian even.  Kind of, the problem is that even those who become the best, especially those who become the best, make more mistakes and learn more.

What will happen is that only people who are so detailed oriented they make no mistakes and take no chances survive.

This means that the creative hackers, those who learn from taking chances and break open new frontiers will be eliminated before they get a chance to become great.

Eventually hacking will stagnate.

How do I know this?  Because history repeats and morons refuse to learn from history.

How long will it take?  Not that much longer, another five or ten years probably, maybe as long as twenty but I doubt it.

The nice thing about that is when it happens guys like me will be able to install servers that use the most basic security.  FTP servers using common passwords, proxy servers, PTP protocols which allow mesh networking creating anonymous nodes.

Sure, there are tons of those systems out there today and moronic script kiddies are screwing them up all the time.

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