Friday, May 10, 2013

Obama Administration: Guilty until proved innocent!

The BBC published this article:

Reporting that a member of the Obama Administration has converted "innocent until proved guilty" into "guilty until proved innocent":

"The Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance wrote to Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson demanding the designs be "removed from public access" until he could prove he had not broken laws governing shipping weapons overseas by putting the files online and letting people outside the US download them."

For those of you who are not aware the office of the president is the chief law enforcement agency in the three arms of the United States government and as a result has authority over the enforcement and prosecution of federal law such as "The Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance".

Republished under the "Fair Use" law.  Mostly I have noticed that under the Obama Admin stuff vanishes from the web so I am posting a screen grab of the data I am blogging about before the Obama Admin forces the BBC to censor it.  Please notice this is not a news story in the United States because the Obama Admin owns the U.S. media.

The Obama administration has declared war on two of the most important aspects of freedom in the United States:  The freedom of the press and Innocent until proved guilty.

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