Monday, May 20, 2013

Dreams and reality

My wife died a little over a year ago and the other night I had a dream about her.  Having a dream about my wife isn't unusual, but, what she told me was.

My late wife was explaining that spirits of people who had passed can visit people in their dreams.  Can, not must.  She also inferred that when we were dreaming we could visit each other in our dreams.  Visiting in a dream world seemingly without boundaries.

For me, that is mostly okay, but, I would bet everyone has had that occasionally freaky dream about sex with someone that they would not normally have sex with, a friends wife or daughter for example, or some violent nightmare or some other really weird thing that we wake up from, disturbed and wondering where the hell that came from.

About 99% of the time my dreams are dreams I enjoy remembering.  The other 1% are the weird things I don't really like.  For a long time, back in my twenties, it wasn't like that.  Most of my dreams were nightmares of gun fights, motorcycle accidents, violence and some really crazy stuff I can't even describe.  I think those dreams are one of the reasons I ended up focusing on ZEN and meditation.

ZEN eventually led me to Christ, but, that is another story.

There are groups of "Holy persons" who claim they can control their dreams.  I started thinking about what my wife had told me in this dream.

A Brain Computer Interface is an array of super conductors placed on someones head which pick up brain waves and use the brain waves to control a computer.  Usually the cursor.

About 30 years ago I was hanging with some college friends and we began "brain storming".  An idea we came up with that we could not disprove was that brain waves exist outside of the body.  It is then possible that we could each be receivers for these brain waves making telepathy possible, but, that it would be very difficult to distinguish one "voice" from the cacophony unless someone was "screaming" or had a particularly strong, emotional, thought occasionally.  Essentially receiving everyone we couldn't "read" anyone.  We also postulated that some people with very good "hearing" might, occasionally, be able to separate out a few "words" from a particular person in the din.

I actually believe this theory is approximately correct, but, that it really doesn't matter since we can't accurately and consistently separate out individuals from the noise.

Then my dream comes up with this dream world interaction thing.

So here I am, wondering, since our thoughts exist outside of our bodies as electromagnetic energy do we have some kind of subconscious control which allows us to interact with each other while in a dream state.

Lots of movies about this, there was this one with Dennis Quaid I like where he saves the President from a dream assassin.

The thing is, I have died many times in dreams and killed thousands of people and I have never died.

Dreams are not real.

I do now wonder, could dreams be shared fantasies?  I doubt if two people, sharing a fantasy of some kind, would experience the same thing since we are all different.  Do we occasionally share a similar fantasy?  Do we sometimes project strong fantasies into each other?

Can the spirits of the departed, if they wanted to hang around in a "dream world", interact with our dreams?

I don't know.  The facts are; there is more about our minds that we don't know then we do know, our thoughts exist outside of our bodies, our bodies act as antennas absorbing electro magnetic energy.

Does this mean we can share dreams? With dead people?

Too far out for me to be anything but a remote possibility.  Still, it is interesting. 

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