Monday, March 08, 2010

Gay Politicians, propaganda and bigotry

I'm not Gay and I don't believe in homosexuality as a life style. I think there must be something wrong with someone who decides, in opposition to cultural bias, to exclude a particular sex from their lives. Personally I think it is a form of bigotry. I also think it is a typically harmless bigotry.

How often am I going to be discriminated against because I do not belong to a sex that someone else wants to have sex with?

The gay people I know don't discriminate against heterosexuals as far as I know, they just choose to have sex with a particular type of person. They are kind of like the guy who only dates women with big boobs, or the woman who only dates guys who are taller than she is.

Now if someone is gay and discriminates against heterosexuals that would have nothing to do with being gay, that has to do with being an asshole. I don’t discriminate against gay people any more than I discriminate against guys who only date women with big boobs.

So why would I care if Roy Ashburn is gay or if he supports gay legislation? Why would I care if Eric Massa walked in on a guy at an in-opportune moment?

Gay politicians double the opportunity for changes of sexual harassment against them. Every scum bag and his kid brother wants control over someone else and using sexual or racist accusations it becomes easy. Plus there are a lot of jerks who hate gay people. Why would I expect anyone to advertise it? I personally don’t care if someone is gay, if they admit it or not.

We need to quit reading or listening to every accusation against someone in the public eye, especially the sex related issues.

A politician is accused of homosexuality because they put a suitcase in front of the door of their stall in the airport bathroom and I am supposed to vote or not vote for them based on that?

So what if there is a homosexual who does not support gay marriage? That does not make him a hypocrite unless he promises to vote for gay marriage and then votes against it, even then it may be a particular bill with particular revisions and not the primary purpose of the bill that the congressperson votes against.

I hate propagandists. I hate people who take advantage of a person’s sexuality to attack them on some moral ground. Morons who write crap expecting me to judge a person’s political viewpoint based on who they have sex with offend me and I believe they should offend everyone else.

Oh, and movies like “Bruno” really suck. They do for the Gay community what Al Jolson and Black Face comedy did for the African American community. I believe those kinds of movies should offend everyone too.

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