Saturday, January 21, 2017

Disgusted with politics and annoyed at fear mongering

I have self identified as Republican since about 1990.  I voted for Reagan and when he pussyed out with Iran in 1981 I was pretty pissed off.  It took me a long time to get over that.

Not that I would ever identify as a Democrat, slave mongering genocidal scum bags.  Andrew Jackson is a national disgrace and should be removed from the $20.  The United States first Democrat President was the most genocidal president in history and his "I'm too stubborn for abolitionists to change my mind" mule symbol is still the Democrats symbol.  FDR and his concentration camps, I could go on with Democrats genocidal behaviors from their support of slavery to their support of segregation and the hate/fear mongering they do today.

When Trump won the Republican nomination I began self identifying as Disgusted.

Back in the 1980s-90s Trump was going to build the worlds tallest building.  He totally failed, which made the World Trade Center Osama bin Laden's phallic target rather than some mythical Trump erection.  During the attempt to grow his massive mythical erection Donnie managed to alienate the entire New York city pseudo intellectual elitist power base.  Truthfully something I envy since I enjoy nothing better than pissing off a bunch of elitist pseudo intellectual morons, however, Donnie had to expand his business outside of New York since he had effectively eliminated himself from the New York real estate development market.  Donnie went international.

Any of you old couch potatoes who watched Dallas Reruns might remember when JR did the same thing and had to do the same thing.  So far Donnie has continued being somewhat successful in the international market, but, I figure it is only a matter of time before he alienates enough people in the international market that his business is finished.

So I didn't give a rats ass about all the B.S. people were spouting, Trump this, Trump that.  I couldn't verify any of that bullshit, except for his being a misogynist like Billy Clinton and his famous desk hole.  I didn't like Clinton even before that, after his lying about Monica I really had no use for him.  I already didn't have any use for Trump so the misogynist crap didn't sway me.  I already had no use for Trump, or Billy Clinton.

The lying propaganda and fear mongering annoyed me more than Trump's locker room banter.  At least he wasn't shoving cigars up inside some woman when she wasn't tucked into his knee space.

The United States can't expand onto other worlds when Donnie Trump alienates the rest of the world the way he alienated the New York pseudo intellectual elitists.  Now, yes, I kind of admire that in a way, but, to do business Trump needed those assholes working with him.  Alienating that bunch of scumbags was in direct opposition to Trump's own best interest, and the idiot did it anyway.

Regardless of the unverified hate speak I've seen published about Trump I think he will make a poor president, specifically because the idiot fucked himself up.  That is some self destructive, mommie didn't love me enough, bullshit right there.

Personally, I think all the lying bullshit just made Trump more electable.  Really, telling unverifiable lies just made Trump more attractive to a lot of people, and undermined the reality of the few truths that were told about him.  Sheeple are easily made afraid and all the people encouraging people to question their safety are just fear mongering.  First comes the fear, then the ridicule, then the hatred and finally people work themselves up to become violent, trying to protect themselves against an imaginary fear.

Pretty fucking sad.

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