Sunday, April 24, 2016

Getting rid of a body

I was writing a short story about a guy who kills people in the Detroit area, generally for the mob, but, realistically for just about anyone.  I write stories, I don't submit them anywhere, I guess you could say that I'm still practicing.  I am going to get rid of a body.  I came up with a couple of different ways.

First, wrap the body tight in galvanized chain link fencing. Perforate the body using an icepick.  Attach three 5 gallon buckets filled with cement and dump it in at least 50 feet of water.

Second, cut the body up into several pieces.  Wrap each piece in galvanized wire mesh, "chicken wire".  Attach an anchor to each piece and spread them out in water at least 25ft deep, dumping a piece every five minutes while running the boat about as fast as it can.

Third, dig a hole about ten feet deep in the middle of a narrow, 20ft long trench about six feet deep.  Put the body in it.  Fill the hole in about four feet.  Drop a 20 foot long piece of steel pipe with a welded connector in the middle.  Refill the trench.

Fourth, pretty much the same as three except bury a large dog above the body.

Fifth, power wash the body with a 1:25 bleach solution.  Wrap it in plastic and dump it in a dumpster.

There is always the "feed it to pigs" solution.  I thought about that, making the perpetrator a pig farmer with a butcher shop, all sealed cement and tile with a large table and a large, sealed, band saw.  During deer season he butchers deer for local hunters.  Huge walk in freezer, smoke house, etc.  He also buys cos at auction and butchers them.

I thought about a butcher in a city, but, that sounds too much like the Soprano's.

If the guy was a pig farmer and a butcher he would have a reason for a pickup with a freezer in the back to deliver meat.  Maybe a false bottom with a winch under it, to drag the body into the freezer.

When I start dealing with boats it becomes more complex, I know, writers always make it seem like this stuff is easy, but, I'm a little too obsessive compulsive for that.  Details.

If the guy had a freezer truck and a commercial fishing boat, the freezer truck makes sense.  Things just seem complicated at that point.

I kind of liked the idea of a plastic wrapped area for dismemberment, but, I think a cordless sawzall would work better than knives.  Completely disassemble the device after use and wash with a hot bleach solution.  Completely dry and reassemble.  Why people think things can't be disassembled and cleaned is beyond me.  Sure, there are some things that can't be disassembled, but, by and large, everything can be disassembled and cleaned.

The plastic and disposable coveralls, etc, would make a rather large package for disposal.  Maybe an incinerator with a scrubber system?  Maybe even having the emissions bubbled through water?  Maybe the pig farmer could have an external boiler system that uses dual fuel technology, biomass (wood chips) and natural gas?  The water bubbler scrubber (aeration) could be a carbon sequestration system to minimize the carbon footprint of the heating system.

The water could be used for irrigation of apple trees.....which would generally be used to feed the pigs.

Still working out the details....

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