Monday, February 02, 2015

String Theory, Statistics, Wormholes and Acceleration

The more fiction I read the more amazed I am at the lack of understanding of authors.

The movie Interstellar was fun, but, the science pretty much sucked.  Why would a wormhole orbit anything?  Why would gravity influence it at all?  How would gravity influence it except to collapse it?

Suppose for a moment that we could figure out a way to create a wormhole within the influence of gravity and we could stabilize it so that it remained in a constant relative position and velocity to a planet.  Big assumption, when was the last time someone saw a photon in orbit?

Suppose for a minute that we figured out how to link the wormhole to another solar system.

Suppose we overcame the variations in velocity between the two solar systems and moving from this solar system, which is moving at a velocity relative to the center of the universe, into a different solar system moving at a different velocity relative to the same center of the universe.  The energy required to accelerate or decelerate to match velocity and orbits would be enormous.

Suppose we overcame the gazillion to one odds and actually found a planet on which life could exist, but, had not developed or had developed in such a way that we decided we had authority over it as Europeans decided they had authority over the Americas.  Assuming we believe we are intelligent enough to identify intelligent life, which I believe many incorrectly assume already.

Even if we can get past all of these hurdles, my question is, should we?

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