Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Movie Writer and Special Effects Ignorance

One of the most ignorant movie scenes I have ever seen is where the hero, who has prepared for this, enters into a dark place hunting vampires.  Typically they have a flashlight.  Really?

Get a professional grade 4 stroke leaf blower.  Find a small, one wire, racing 12v alternator producing about 30-35 amps.  Find a sealed motorcycle battery.  Now, assemble them all together on a back pack along with some super bright 12v truck lights.

A 4 horse leaf blower produces around 3000 watts of power, but, a lot of that is used up generating usable electricity.  That means we can expect about 1000 watts max, but, the alternator would only produce around 500 watts.  This gives us plenty of power to spare.

If we were running old school headlights this wouldn't be enough.  With super bright LEDs and HID lighting we can put some serious light out using a backpack generator.  Total weight would run, maybe 50 pounds.  Less if the hero is a really good fabricator.

So...how come all of these geniuses, writers and special effects guys in Hollywood, don't build one?  They have shoulder lights on space suits with LED lighting around the face, but, no vampire fighting back pack generator lighting.

Recently I started wiring my old backpack with a small 12v battery, a solar collector chagrining system and a couple of forward pointing super bright LED lights.  Looking for some vampires I guess :-)

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