Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christopher Dorner

I have almost no readers which is okay since I typically just publish stuff I want to get off my chest.  Some psychologists recommend writing letters and burning them to release our feelings, emotions.  I just publish them to the web. 

Everyone is screwed over by our government and/or our employers at some time.  Chris Dorner believes that the only way to achieve any change at the Los Angeles Police Department is through violence.

My last blog talked about change.  Behavioral change requires an understanding that current behaviors are wrong.  Lots of people change, alcoholics and drug addicts stop their addictive behavior, etc.  The first step in change is a fundamental change in the way a person thinks, the internal realization that something is wrong.

That kind of change happens rarely, usually people depend on external definitions of "right" and "wrong".  To have real change requires a fundamental change in our internal definitions so that what a person once believed is acceptable now become reprehensible.  Once that happens it creates an internalized conflict within an individual where they have to be able to accept the fact that they are a "bad" person.  Not some pedantic intellectual  "bad", but, fundamentally, viscerally "bad".

Once a person believes something is "bad" they won't repeat the behavior.

From reading about Christopher Dorner I would say that he firmly believes in an authoritarian structure based on fundamental concepts like freedom, justice and equality.  When Dorner left the military and joined the Los Angeles Police he expected a similar chain of command in an organization founded on the same fundamental concepts.

What Dorner found was a corrupt racist organization based on an "us against them" elitist and totalitarian ideology which ignored the fundamental concepts Dorner had devoted his life.  There was no way a man devoted to concepts like freedom, justice and equality, like Dorner, could operate within a corrupt organization like the Los Angeles police without conflict.  Dorner should have known that, but, Dorner believes in "right" at a fundamental level.

The current "shoot first" Los Angeles Police policy on Dorner proves, in my mind, that the Los Angeles Police are corrupt.  Two women lost their lives to expose that unofficial policy.

Dorner could have been afraid to take action.  Dorner could have had an internal selfishness, believing in an individual salvation that requires acceptance of what happens without striking out.  "Revenge is mine, says the Lord".  I think Dorner has a very strong, fundamental, belief that those who are capable of defending have a responsibility to defend others.

Dorner is going to fight the Los Angeles Police Department because he has a fundamental understanding that the organization is corrupt and must change or be destroyed.

One of the major signs of corruption in the United States legal system is the fundamental belief within that system that the system "decides what justice is" and that concept of justice changes over time as society changes.  Using this corrupt definition of justice slavery, segregation, racism and every other fundamental methodology of social stratification is acceptable within the context of society.  In other words, when the courts decide slavery is acceptable it is.  That is so wrong.

This fundamental "that's the law" understanding is so far removed from Christopher Dorner's fundamental beliefs in "right" and "wrong" that conflict was the obvious result.  Many people have a more flexible belief system that is much more dependent on authority figures in their lives.  Those people can adapt their beliefs to those of the authority that they follow.

Dorner couldn't.

Will Dorner's action cause change?  No.

The entire legal system of the United States works within the corrupt and elitist fundamental concept of "thats the law" and "we make the law".  That is not going to change until the vast majority of people within that system understand how elitist and corrupt that fundamental belief is.

No change will happen because millions of people would need to understand the fundamental elitist corruption within the concept of "we make the law".  These people would need to hate that concept and their past beliefs as much as a truly reformed addict hates their past.

Anonymous works within the same fundamental elitist belief system as the corrupt system in the States, "we make the law".  Whatever Anonymous agrees with is "good". Whatever and whoever they disagree with is "bad" and "deserves" to be screwed.

I think Dorner believes he must sacrifice himself to change the corrupt system because he believes in a fundamental concept of right and wrong.  Not right and wrong as defined by current society, but, the belief that "right" and "wrong" are fundamentally defined by the concepts of justice, honor and equality.

People are going to die.  Nothing is going to change because there will be no fundamental change in beliefs.  Eventually people will look back at Dorner as a revolutionary fighting against corruption.

And the corruption will continue.

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