Sunday, September 23, 2012


My past several blog posts all relate to cultural anthropology and my theory, “the world according to Jack”. I'm Jack.

My theory starts out with the idea that both people and cultural groups begin with either a problem or a desire which requires a solution. The individual or group utilizes the resources available to create a solution which is acceptable to the individual or the group as a whole.

The most important resource in developing these solutions is the people involved and not the material resources. Material resources are important and yet they are not any where near as important as the individuals involved.

According to “the world according to Jack” people have two basic biological predispositions which are important to this process of implementing cultural solutions. The first is the predisposition to group together to enhance the ability of the group to survive. The second is the predisposition to assure their position within the group to enhance their individual survival.

Specific individuals who have “charisma” will present ideas which are more likely to be accepted by the group even if those ideas are not “technically accurate” or prevent the group from developing technologically.

Consistency is important to developing interpersonal trust issues, although to much consistency can lead to stagnation.

The group acceptance of these ideas becomes important in the survival of individuals within the group. The more important the group believes an individual is to their survival the less likely the group is to abandon that person. Individuals who constantly present ideas which the group rejects will be abandoned or marginalized by the group regardless of the technical accuracy of the presented solutions. This marginalizing reduces the individuals importance to the group which decreases the probability of survival of the individual.

Solutions are created and accepted by people and approved by people regardless of secondary issues such as technical accuracy. The survival of individuals is tied to their ability to provide the group with acceptable solutions.

“Charisma” is a form of interpersonal trust relationship established between individuals. This interpersonal trust relationship between people is the most important issue in the adoption of a presented solution.

There are a lot of different ways that we as a group attempt to define the “charisma” of an individual. Presidential approval ratings are one way. Voting is another.

Sometimes a small group can “bully” a larger majority into the acceptance of a solution using media tools called “propaganda”. Attacks are made ridiculing solutions to groups issues in the attempt to humiliate those who support those solutions.

People will support a solution to an issue and will resist changing that solution until it becomes obvious that the current solution no longer solves the problem/desire that it was meant to solve.

In the end the technical or material resources are far less important in the application of a cultural solution, cultural ritual, cultural law, than the human resources available and the ability of those individuals presenting solutions to establish interpersonal trust relationships with other members of the cultural group.

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