Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to make a torch

Get an aluminum drink can and a stick.  Cut off the top of the aluminum can.  use a good sized wood screw with a washer which has a hole smaller than the top of the wood screw.  Screw through the bottom of the can into one end of the stick.

You have an empty can attached to a stick.

Good so far?

Now roll up some card board and put in inside of the can.  Melt some candle wax and pour it into the can with the cardboard.  Wait until it cools and hardens.

This is the tricky part.  Carefully score the side of the can with a razor or exacto knife leaving about 1.5" of the bottom of the can.

What you have built is essentially a big candle on a stick that uses the cardboard as the wick.  You can light it with a match or a blow torch or some tinder and flint and steel.

If you want to make it really kewl find some heat resistant clear plastic tube about 6" in diameter 12" long.  You can attach this tube so that it acts as a wind break for your.  This is optional so you can figure out how to do that for yourself.

Now, the next time you are chasing the Frankenstein Monster around you will have a reliable torch that you can use against the poor guy.

This torch is also really great for witch hunts, exploring caves, hunting werewolves and all kinds of kewl things.

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