Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Crap science and deductions

I was just watching some dumb show on the History Channel, Brad Metzler's Decoded on the Statue of Liberty.

These guys reviewed a bunch of stuff about the Statue of Liberty, supposedly defining Illuminati and Masonic Influences and the number 7 and 16 and a bunch of other junk. It was laughably boring.

In spatial geometry you need 7 dimensions to define an object in a coordinate system. Not 3. You can't even define a point with 3 dimensions, you need a fourth dimension, the Origin.

Essentially you need an Origin no matter what you do. How do you define an origin? Essentially you just say "this is the origin" AND "this is the orientation of the origin".

Come again?

Pick up a cube and hold it. The X, Y and Z are really easy to define and the origin is in the center. Which is the YZ side and which is the XZ side? That is orientation and we can pick a side and define the orientation of the origin.

Now pick up a ball. The origin is in the center of the ball, but, where are the 3 planes located? They all pass through the center and they are all perpendicular to each other, but, how do we define that?

We can pick up a magic marker and make a point on the outside of the ball and now we can use that reference point to define the orientation of the coordinate system.

So the origin of our ball is defined and the rotational orientation of our ball is defined.

Put another point on the ball. This is a position.

To define where that point is we define the origin. We define the rotational orientation of the ball using one point and we define a location using another point.

7 numbers, one of which is always Origin or 0.

1 origin point and 6 dimensions to locate one point. 16.

16 is 4 squared.

Our dimensional system is 4 squared, an origin and 3 dimensional axis forming planes perpendicular to each other.

Why do I mention this? Because Brad Metzler's team wandered around the Statue of Liberty running into Masonic and Illuminati influences and the numbers 16 and 7 and 4.


What does the big G in the center of a square and compass mean? Geometry. Not necessarily two dimensional geometry. And how is it Mason's refer to themselves? As "On the Square"

Now personally, if I had a group which defined itself using Geometry I would probably go looking for geometric symbolism like 4 squared, 1 origin and 6 dimensions (16), and 7 (1 origin and 6 dimensions).

Of course what the heck, lets just ignore the whole geometry angle because most people won't get the ideas and are they are more interested in crazy conspiracy symbolism such as "Lucifer".

Crap sells better than math.

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