Thursday, December 01, 2011

Guy Fawkes, Revolution and V

So there is a movie a friend recommended to me where an anarchist dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask destroys London in order to overthrow an oppressive theological regime. One of the actors is Natalie Portman who stared with Jean Reno in "The Professional" so I watched the movie.

The moronic anarchist ends up imprisoning and torturing the character played by Portman. He then explains that she had to discover a diary written by a woman imprisoned for the crime of being a lesbian in the same context he had.

I call the anarchist a moron because no two people in the world ever share the same context. The variety of experiences in their lives cause them to view everything in a different way.

The anarchist assumes that everyone has to be tortured and imprisoned to understand the concept of wrongful imprisonment and torture because he believes that without that wrongful imprisonment and torture he would not have been open to the thoughts and feelings expressed by the lesbian.

This anarchist is a psychotic sociopath.

Please, it is acceptable to oppress someone if you believe it necessary for their edification? Anyone who agrees with that ideology needs to take a trip to their nearest lobotomist.

Personally I am willing to fight against any regime that enforces it's brand of religion onto the population. In my opinion the United States is currently working very hard to enforce a form of atheism on the citizenship of the nation. Eventually it will probably be illegal to display any religious symbolism anywhere in the United States. No more crosses on churches, no more fish on the backs of cars, no more stars of David, no more golden domes, etc, etc.

Ridiculously fish with feet will probably still be allowed though.

Currently Democracy is still working away at maintaining religious freedoms as well as the freedom of speech. When Democracy fails those of us who believe in the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech will revolt against those who have corrupted the United States into a "Freedom from Religion" nation.

Personally I think Islam will eventually come out the winner and the United States will eventually become an Islamic Theocracy, after the "Freedom of Religion" revolt occurs.

I very much doubt if I would choose a Guy Fawkes mask as a symbol of the revolution though.

Guy Fawkes was a member of a failed revolution against the oppression of the protestant English Monarchy. More than that, Guy Fawkes was a religious fanatic working for the Catholic Church against King James, "The Protestant King" who forced the publication of an English translation of a "Divine Latin Bible". The English are happy with their Monarchy and would gladly kill anyone opposing it (including The Lady Diana according to some).

Personally I would rather choose Castro or Mao or Stalin, all whom I believe were mass murders rather than a failed revolutionary like Che Guerra or a religious fanatic like Guy Fawkes.

Unlike Marx, Mao, Guerra, Castro, Stalin and our moronic "V", I do not believe that the proletariat need to be forced to adopt a socially responsible form of government. I believe that the United States and Western Europe have shown it is possible to use Democracy to balance a socialist/capitalist form of government.

I also think that the Democratic form of government becomes vulnerable to an outside force like Islamic Terrorists. The more stable and peaceful things become the more vulnerable they are to fanatical religious violence of the kind enjoyed by Guy Fawkes and Osama Bin Laden.

On the other hand, fanatical and oppressive violence such as that used by "V" and the oppressive regime "V" fought against are not usually susceptible to fanatical violence from a lesser force. Yeah, I know, "V" won in the movies even though he wore a Guy Fawkes mask. In reality "V" would have suffered the same fate as Good 'Ole Religious Fanatic Guy.

Essentially a fanatic has to wait until the regime is happy with peace, not putting resources into "violence" and then attack. If the regime counter-attacks wait until it becomes bored and goes away and then attack again. If the regime counter-attacks wait until it becomes bored and goes away and then attack again. Repeat until the regime falls.

This is how the North Vietnamese kicked ass on the French and the United States and it is how Al Queda is kicking ass on the United States. The only way to win against them is to keep the fight out of the borders of the United States, but, there are too many morons not reading Mao, Marx and Hitler to ever figure that out.

Kill one of the generals of the resistance movement and end the movement? Maybe, it has happened in the past but I doubt very much if it will succeed with Al Queda. I believe it is more likely to create a power vacuum filled with more people struggling to become the leader identified with Al Queda. Essentially a political hydra. Can we kill them all? Maybe, but, I doubt it.

Either we figure out a way to change the beliefs of religious fanatics OR we kill them all OR we begin learning Arabic and invest in Guy Fawkes masks hoping "V" shows up like Dr. Manhattan and kills all the bad guys.

Since we can't do the first and we are withdrawing from Afghanistan (no to the second) I figure it is time to invest in Religious Fanatic Guy Fawkes masks and apparently a bunch of people in the Occupy movement agree with me :-)

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