Sunday, November 06, 2011

Northern Segregation and the rights of blacks

I hate movies like “The Great Debaters” and “The Help”.

There was no way in hell Harvard was going to let black people come and debate in the 1930's and it didn't happen. In reality the debate group won against a California University. In reality they probably would have beaten Harvard, but, blacks were not given that opportunity.

There was no way in hell that black maids in Mississippi were treated any where near as well as was depicted in the movie. No rich, white people living in a big mansion served their maid dinner in the dinning room even if the wife was white trash. No little girl grew up to help a bunch of black maids write out how they felt back in 1964. About the only true thing was the snotty white woman eating her maid's crap. I have no doubt that happened.

I thought the movie “The Color Purple” was probably a much more realistic depiction of life for blacks.

Movies like “The Great Debaters” or “The Help” give people the idea that even under terribly oppression conditions blacks were given incredible opportunities.

Get this straight. That does not happen. Does NOT happen.

I live in Detroit where public transportation SUCKS. There is no reasonable public transportation system integrating primarily black Detroit with the primarily white suburbs.

“It's not because they are black, it's because we don't want criminals coming out to the suburbs”. Yeah, there is a different way of saying the same thing, “Screw them all, let God sort them out”.

The Detroit People Mover is a monument to segregation and bigotry. The State of Michigan segregated Detroit destroying their industrial economy. Industry follows Urbanization. Basic Economics.

A lot of people blame Coleman Young for that because Coleman Young was a segregationist. Coleman Young tried to get industry into Detroit, Coleman Young tried to get mass transportation with the suburbs. Coleman Young may have wanted a segregated community BUT Coleman Young did not want a segregated economy.

There is a scene in “The Help” where a “white trash rich woman” forces her company on her maid. This kind of arrogance just pisses me off. Did that white woman even consider the fact that the maid didn't want to eat with her? Of course not. Why should some arrogant white person believe anything except that black people just “love” being around white people?

If you are white get this straight. The United States, the World, is not equal opportunity. I'm a high school dropout and I have had a great career working with organizations like NASA and National Laboratories. I have never once met a black person with a similar educational background that has had the same opportunities because it does not happen.

Blacks are segregated in the United States. They are segregated by racial quotas, by racially different standards and by “equal opportunity” laws. Blacks play the “racism” card because racism is rampant in the United States.

People whine a lot about how badly the south treated blacks. Look at the number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States and see where they are. Are they in the North? Hell NO. Most of those colleges are in the South because the segregation laws actually gave blacks more legal rights in the south than they had in the north.

I said more, not the same legal rights as whites but at least the law recognized blacks.

In the north racial segregation was so firmly ingrained into the culture no laws were needed because they just killed blacks who got out of line.

Let me make that clear.

The north had fewer racially segregating laws because laws give people a legal recourse. Laws make the authorities and responsibilities clear. The north didn't want that because blacks might do something for themselves if the rules were clear. Keep the rules murky and lynch the trouble makers like Malcolm X's father.

No law works much better for bigots than giving people any legal rights at all.

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