Monday, August 29, 2011

Windows Sucks

I hate Microsoft Windows with a passion. If Al Queda set off a nuclear weapon in Redmond I would clap and cheer along with Muslim terrorists. Okay, maybe not but I really, really hate Microsoft.

A while back I stumbled onto a ridiculous blog about how much Linux sucks written by an idiot. His basic idea was that because things were "easier" with Windows Windows was "better". What an idiot, If everyone thought the same way he does Microsoft wouldn't be losing market share.

My wife has a windows computer and I set up an old windows system to use as a phone server for Magic Jack. Microsoft is tool people who are into computers have to know how to use because most people use microsh*t.

My daughter's boy friend wanted to copy some CD's that a friend had made of their band. I figured I could just install some freeware burning software and he could copy the CD's using my phone server (400mhz, 327meg of ram, XP). Since I have a heart condition and since he is familiar with windows it seemed like it might be a stress free way to handle the situation. Besides, I didn't want him mucking around on my desktop.

Yeah. right.

Ooops, Windows XP does not close audio CD's using the default burning software.

So I hunted around in my old CD's and found an old copy of Nero 9 for Windows. I canceled the install a half an hour in because the install was at 26%.

Look up windows freeware that does CD burning. Install a recommended software and yep, you guessed it. No copy button. No copy function.

About now, an hour into this disaster, I was wishing I had just written a simple script in Linux and let the guy loose on my desktop. I wrote a quick script and I shoved one of the CD's in and copied it on my linux system. Essentially rip an audio CD to a temp file, burn the rip and then delete the temp files. Quick script. Thank God Linux still uses a DOS prompt or if you like the more linux name, bash shell or terminal window.

I downloaded another recommended freeware and installed it. Oops, it won't install without the .Net Framework. Lets install that garbage on my system. Swap out the CD's on my Linux system and start #2 copying.

Okay so now the .Net framework needs something called WIC before it will install. Download and install the WIC. Slap #3 in my Linux desktop and copy #3.

Start the .NET framework install. While I am waiting copy CD's #4, #5 and #6. For a garage band these guys write a lot of music. Way too much to be good at any of it I am sure. Play one of the tracks, yep, I am correct about that. Not awful, but nothing special and the bass loses sync with the drummer. Check the Windows box. Nope, the .NET install is not even halfway. Now I am remembering why I hate Microsoft products.

While I am waiting I might as well write a blog and copy the rest of the CD's since this f*cking piece of microsh*t software.... Wait a second. Time to chill out. Now I get it. I have spent 16 years using microsh*t products at work. No wonder I have a heart problem.

Now lets see, does this fuc*ed-up Windows freeware have DOS commands I can write into a script? No, can't find any. .NET install still at around 50% and when it is done I can't write a script to make my life easier.

What a pain in the A**. How can people even pretend Microsoft is a worthwhile and useful product? The GDP of the United States has been trending downward since 1984. When was Windows released? 1984. How Orwellian is that?

How many companies have had huge losses and gone out of business because Microsoft makes crappy closed source software? Install of .NET still around 50%. Where did I put that baseball bat?

What is even more ridiculous is I know microscrap is crap and I thought this would be a simple and easy solution. I can't believe I made that mistake.

Know how to keep a microsoft computer working? Don't use it. That's right. Don't use it. Just buy the damn thing and turn it on. Then re-boot it once a day. Don't surf the web or write up documents or spread sheets. Don't play games or anything else. Just leave it alone and it works fine. Don't use Windows as a file server. If you use a microcrap box as a file server some idiot will crash your box trying to hack in.

As far as I am concerned Windows sucks. This episode in futility is just another example of micro-crap incompetence. .NET install is still at 50%. I'm done burning copies on my linux box while waiting to install a simple CD copy program on my Windows box.

Time spent 2 hours. Linux is finished. Windows is still installing the CD copy software.

Addendum: I also had to use a special un-install tool from Nero to remove all of their files from when I canceled the install. When all the required installs finished the copy button in the CD recording software didn't work. I kept getting the message "Drive D is in use by another program. Please shut down all other programs." Yeah, shut Windows down. That is what needs to happen.


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