Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I want from readers of my blog

As some of my readers may have noticed I often blog about my pet peeves, Judgmental Christians, Annoyingly stupid propaganda and Segregation. I also blog about diet and things I care about and want to see become better. Positive blogs versus negative blogs.

Interestingly enough these are both important steps on toward the same goal. I always move forward. I'll explain.

Recently I wrote what is essentially a rant about Northern Segregation and how Michigan destroyed it's own economic prosperity by isolating it's primary urban development. At the end of my rant I pointed out how important it is to create racial integration on a professional level. This is something Michigan has not done effectively.

Whenever I rant about something I always define not only what I feel are the inappropriate actions but also what I feel are the appropriate actions.

I have written blogs about how Galileo was employed by the Catholic Church to do the research and how the Catholic Church published the books that eventually led to his trial. I have written about how even today we, as a society, reject new ideas in a similar fashion to the Catholic Church of the European Middle Ages.

I have written blogs about how ignorant people are when the argue that the closed source research conducted by the Western European Catholic Church for the exclusive use of the Western European Catholic Church resulted in a “World Wide Dark Ages”. What is really funny is that a very well educated and very intelligent 1st generation immigrant from India actually made this argument to me. Of course he became a little sheepish when I pointed out that far more open technological development was occurring in the rest of the world, the Middle East, India and China specifically, during this time period. I have pointed out that the closed source software development and the application of copyright law instead of patent law to these important technological developments threatens the world with a new “Dark Ages”.

I have pointed out particularly heinous propaganda and asked people to search out logical fallacies and the descriptive prose that separate objective from creative writing.

I have pointed out problems with FDA approval of dietary supplements and told people to constantly seek out better and less expensive sources for supplements that they take.

I have experimented on myself, posted the results and made suggestions about how people can objectively experiment on themselves.

I have pointed out that medical professionals often have really crappy educations, mediocre intelligence and give advice that might work for some people so you really need to do your own research and learn about your own body.

I don't want to think for you. I don't even want to educate you. I want to encourage you, whoever you are, to educate yourself. I want to encourage you to get out and learn however you can learn about whatever interests you.

You can't know everything. I do not expect you to. I can't know everything. I hope you don't expect me to. I want you to become the best you can be. I want you to make informed decisions and take responsibility for the world around you.

In the end I hope you make the choice to become a better person every day and in becoming a better person ever day I know you can make the world a better place to be.

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